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How to Maintain the Diesel Engine Pump

How to Maintain the Diesel Engine Pump

       The effective use of diesel engine water pumps depends on our usual maintenance and maintenance. In order to ensure reliability, the entire control system cannot be separated from daily management, so the maintenance of diesel engine water pumps is very important on weekdays. Let’s learn some maintenance methods about diesel engine water pumps.

        1. Check the oil level of the oil sump of the diesel engine water pump: Check whether the oil level reaches the mark on the oil dipstick. If it is insufficient, add to the specified amount, but not exceed the upper limit of the oil dipstick; the specification for adding diesel oil is every 12 months/time Replace the diesel filter element every 12 months.

        2. Check whether the lubricating grease in the oil filling point of the diesel water pump is sufficient: remove the lubricating nozzle on the diesel engine circulating water pump, and observe whether the lubricating grease inside is sufficient. If it is insufficient, add sufficient lubricating grease with a lubricating gun, and add lubricating grease for weekly inspections once.

        3. Check whether the water in the cooling water tank of the diesel water pump is sufficient: check that the water in the water tank is insufficient and should be replenished in time. The water added should be clean fresh water. If the groundwater is directly added, it is easy to cause scaling in the water tank, affecting the cooling effect and causing failure. When the ambient temperature is below zero in winter, antifreeze with appropriate freezing point must be configured according to the lowest ambient temperature; add antifreeze and replace it every 12 months, and replace it with antifreeze in November every year.

       4. Check whether the oil in the fuel tank of the diesel water pump is sufficient: the diesel oil in the fuel storage tank should always be kept sufficient, not less than 50% of the volume of the fuel tank, and water and impurities should be removed when refueling; add diesel oil for the diesel filter element every 12 months/time replace.

       5. Check the three leaks (water, oil, gas) every day: Check the sealing surface of the oil pipe of the diesel water pump and the water pipe joint. If any leakage is found, it should be solved immediately. Leakage phenomenon, but also in time to solve.

       6. Check the condition of the diesel water pump battery: observe whether the shell is cracked or uneven, and whether the positive and negative terminals are loose and slipping. If it is a wet battery, you should also pay attention to observe the liquid level of the electrolyte solution in the battery, which should be 10~15mm higher than the surface of the plate.

       7. Check after each long-term operation: check the diesel water pump muffler and exhaust pipe, remove carbon deposits to prevent sparks, check whether the pump packing seal is worn and replace it in time if necessary.

      8. Check the installation of the accessories of the diesel engine water pump: the stability of the installation of the accessories, and whether the connection between the anchor bolts and the working machinery is firm.

      9. Check the diesel water pump transmission connection plate: check whether the connection bolts are loose, and tighten the bolts in advance if they are loose.

     10. Clean the appearance of diesel water pumps and accessories: use dry cloth or cloth soaked in diesel oil to wipe oil, water and dust on the surface of the fuselage, cylinder head, air filter, etc., and use compressed air or fans to blow out generators, radiators, The surface of the fan is dusty.

Post time: Sep-08-2023