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2023 APCEX China Zhengzhou· New Automobile Era Dark Horse Summit

2023 APCEX China Zhengzhou· New Automobile Era Dark Horse Summit


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Forum Time: October 8, 2023 13:30-16:30

Forum Address: Conference Room C301 on the third floor of Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Forum content:

The developing Chinese automobile aftermarket is facing transformation and upgrading. It is huge but has many problems. Nowadays, as the penetration rate of new energy vehicles is getting higher and higher, the related industrial chains are also constantly enriched, bringing new growth points to economic development, and also bringing opportunities and challenges to traditional auto parts practitioners. Operators are facing new problems such as cost pressure, online diversion, and digital transformation. How to transform under this general trend? How can new energy technologies be implemented quickly? How to combine new energy and traditional auto parts operators? In the new media era, how to manage traffic well? How to transform and upgrade the Henan automobile aftermarket? These topics will be comprehensively analyzed at this forum.

 Conference Topic:

1. The latest development trends of the global new energy vehicle industry in 2023

Speaker: Zhang Xiang, automotive analyst, visiting professor at Huanghe University of Science and Technology


2. How do parts companies embrace changes in the era of new energy vehicles?

Speaker: Chairman of China Auto Parts Industry Alliance

Former President of China Auto Parts Industry Corporation Tian Yamei


3. In the era of new energy smart vehicles, how to combine it with new energy storage?

Speaker: Luo Huiming, Vice Chairman of China Micro Electric Vehicle Industry Technology Innovation Alliance


4. A brief analysis of the pain points and solutions of the new energy commercial vehicle urban distribution market

Speaker: Wang Yumin, general manager of Zhongyuan Region of Bama New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


5. New energy drives the rapid development of the RV industry and the overseas competitive advantages of supporting accessories

Speaker: Ding Hongbo, CEO of Trip.com & RV Company

Post time: Oct-27-2023